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1000 years of power, politics and pleasure in an intimate family home. Croft Castle sits deep in the heart of Herefordshire countryside surrounded by 1500 acres of historic woodland, farm and parkland. Home to the Croft family for nearly 1000 years, this castle has many powerful stories to uncover.

The first Bernard de Croft of Croft Castle was noted in the Domesday book in 1086 and the Croft's have fought to keep their home ever since. In the castle you can uncover stories about the key members of the family who played their part in influencing British political and military history.

Discover how we celebrated 60 years of the National Trust at Croft Castle
The exterior of Croft Castle in autumn

Our guides will give you the highlights such as Sir Richard Croft who fought with his Croft army during the Wars of the Roses alongside Edward Mortimer in 1461 at the 'Battle of Mortimer's Cross'. The Tudor Sir James Croft was imprisoned in the Tower of London during the 'Wyatt rebellion' and tortured because he wouldn't betray Elizabeth I; she later appointed him 'Comptroller' of her Royal household.

The tomb of Sir Richard and Dame Eleanor Croft in the church at Croft Castle
The early sixteenth-century tomb of Sir Richard & Dame Eleanor Croft in the Church of St Michael at Croft Castle

The castle volunteers will also tell you about a time when the Croft's lost their home in 1746 and eventually bought it back 177 years later. You can see the stamp the 'Somerset Davies' and 'Kevill Davies' families made to the interiors and estate at Croft whilst the Croft's were away.

Find out about William Croft and the Civil War and what happened to the castle during this time and move right up to the twentieth century as we continue to research and share stories of Croft and its inhabitants with memorabilia, costume, photographs and letters from the last 100 years.

Portrait of Sir William Croft (1593-1645)
A portrait of Sir William Croft in the Entrance Hall at Croft Castle in Herefordshire

Sit and relax in the Saloon and find out about the life of James Croft and how the family bought back their home in 1923. You can explore the family photographs or sit and read through the auction catalogues. Enjoy a momentary evening event in the Dining Room as it is set for the 1930 Ludlow Hunt ball.

The Dining Room at Croft, where the family had lunch parties during the late-1950s
A table set for dinner in the 1930s dining room at Croft Castle and Parkland in Herefordshire

Upstairs in the Ambassador's Room, you can discover the story of the Croft's and the devastating impact of the First World War on young men from the local parish.

A glimpse into the Ambassador's Room at Croft Castle
The Ambassador's Room at Croft Castle in Herefordshire

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the National Trust's work at Croft, we're encouraging you to step back in time to the 1950s from Saturday 11 February and throughout 2017. Discover how the Croft family struggled to save the estate and what life was like here during the decade with archive material, photographs and memorabilia in the Library. Families can also dress up and play 1950s games in the Family Room.