Top twitching spots in the English Riviera countryside

The countryside around Coleton Camp and Brownstone down to the Dart Estuary is a haven for wildlife, and there are so many good places to see a variety of species of birds. Here are just a couple of our top spots to see different birds to help you get you started on your twitching adventures.


Both tawny and barn owls breed on the farms around Coleton Camp and Brownstone, and if you visit Froward Point at dusk you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them feeding.


You can watch swallows drinking from the pools and catching insects around them at Man Sands marsh during the summer and early autumn. There is a bird hide on the walk down to Man Sands beach, where you get a great view of the marsh. Swallows nest in the Motor House at Coleton Fishacre, and you can see them swooping around the driveway in the summer months.

Cirl bunting

The farmland at Brownstone, Coleton Barton and Woodhuish are home to the rare cirl bunting, providing a strong hold in the area for this struggling farmland specialist.
From birds of prey to tiny songbirds, there are a huge variety to see
Visitors bird watching
From birds of prey to tiny songbirds, there are a huge variety to see

Peregrine falcons

Peregrines can be see hunting all along the coast between Kingswear and Brixham, and even breed in the area. The viewing point for Pudcombe Cove, at the bottom of Coleton Fishacre garden, is a great place to see peregrine falcons hunting along the cliffs.

Dartford warblers

Dartford warblers breed along the coast and at Little Haldon near Teignmouth.


At the top of Greenway garden there is one of the largest Heronry’s on the River Dart, and during April to July you will see herons sat high in the pine trees above the river.