Trevose Head Campaign

View of Trevose Head in Cornwall

Join us in caring for and protecting this famous stretch of Cornish coast

What's happening with Trevose Head? 

This Cornish headland is an area of exceptional beauty. Read about why this stretch of coast is so important, and why we’re so excited to have made a bid to buy and protect it for ever.

Trevose Head from the west

How gifts in Wills helped protect Trevose Head 

Thanks to the generosity of supporters leaving gifts in their Wills, which meant we could buy and protect Trevose Head for ever. Here is some more information about how generous gifts like this help to protect the places you love.

What we will protect at Trevose Head

Support the bid for Trevose Head

" Jutting out to sea between some of Cornwall’s most unspoilt beaches, Trevose Head has always been my top picnic spot for looking out across the Atlantic."
- Katie O'neill, regular walker at Trevose