50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ at Denbies Hillside

Young visitor at Colby Woodland Garden, Amroth, Pembrokeshire

You can complete many of the activities along our nature walk, but if you’re feeling very adventurous wander off the main paths and find your own secret route. Remember to bring a drink and perhaps a picnic too.

Pick up a scrapbook from nearby Polesden Lacey or Box Hill and start ticking stuff off your list...

Be an adventurer

No.2 roll down a really big hill
Our grassy hillside is ripe for rolling down. You might want to plan your route carefully as cows sometimes roll around here too..

No.4 build a den
Venture into our woods and discover fun spots for hiding, There are lots of sticks and twigs to build with too.

No.7 fly a kite
Enjoy our lovely views and special wildlife as you soar with your kite over our hillside.

A ranger

No.24 go barefoot
Kick of your shoes at the top of the hill and feel the prickly grass between your toes.

No.25 join nature's band
The hillside is perfect for making grass trumpets on lazy summer days. Who will make the loudest trumpet sound?

No.27 go star gazing
Wrap up warm and cuddle up on one of our benches to wonder at the night sky. If you're lucky you might be able to make a wish on a shooting star.

No.28 climb a huge hill
Follow our nature walk from the top of Denbies Hillside and down into the woods below. Maybe stop for a drink, refuel and put your best foot forward back up the hill. Can you make it without puffing?

A tracker

No.31 make a friend with a bug
Follow our many paths - there’re lots of creatures to hunt for; butterflies, caterpillars, beetles and spiders. Remember to leave the bugs where you find them, safe in their homes.

Or an explorer

No.44 watch a bird 
Bring your binoculars, a comfy stool, a bird guide and see who’s around. Can you spot a kestrel or kite soaring above the hillside?

50 things to do before you're 11 ¾

Show nature you care by getting outside and getting involved