Spot our special wildlife on Denbies Hillside

Chalkhill blue butterflies

Venture out on the hill at any time of the year at Denbies Hillside and you’ll see something different. Have you seen the rare silver-spotted skipper butterfly?

Butterflies to spot here

Our herb-rich grassland provides food plants for the adonis blue and chalkhill blue butterflies. The rare silver-spotted skipper is also found here. A variety of sward (short grass) heights are maintained through grazing regimes, longer areas of grass provide habitat for the marbled white butterfly. Moths are also numerous, look out for the black and red-spotted burnet moth.

Flora provides food

The hill’s ground flora is rich and varied. Bee orchids, wild thyme and marjoram thrive during the summer months. The yellow flowers of horseshoe vetch and bird’s-foot-trefoil light up the scarp slope and provide important food plants for our butterflies.

A habitat for birds

The areas of scrub and open grassland provide a valuable habitat for many species of birds. Whitethroats and yellow hammers can been seen and heard among the scrub; kestrels and green woodpeckers can be spotted in the open grassland.

Refuge for reptiles

The remoteness of the hillside and rich habitat provides a refuge for a variety of reptiles. Adders, grass snakes, slow worms and lizards are numerous.