As a charity we need your help to protect the UK's best-loved places in our care, to ensure they remain special for everyone

Lindisfarne Castle from the west showing project scaffolding
Ranger Roisin Black on Malham Tarn estate

Help protect special places 

Behind every awe-inspiring lake, beach, castle and garden, there's someone special like our ranger Roísín. But today the person these places really need is you. With your support we can act fast and respond to where the need is greatest.

Other ways of giving


Meet two volunteers who have pledged a gift in their will

David and Christine Griffin have pledged a gift in their will to Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire, so they can continue enjoying this National Trust place with their family, and be assured their grandchildren's grandchildren can too.

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Membership and visitor income makes a vital contribution to the upkeep of our amazing places, but we rely on your additional generosity to continue to protect the irreplaceable