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The north scaffolding at Lindisfarne Castle
View of White Cliffs of Dover

Urgent White Cliffs appeal 

The White Cliffs of Dover are under threat and we only have a few days left to safeguard them. Land directly behind the clifftop is up for sale and we have until 22 September to raise the funds. This land is vital to the future of the cliffs and costs just £5 per square metre. How many metres will you protect?

Seagulls over Lindisfarne Castle

Support our Protect Special Places appeal 

We need to take urgent action to help the people who safeguard historic places like Nick who is the House Steward at Lindisfarne Castle, as the castle needs major renovation due to the enormous damage caused by centuries of wind and rain. With your support, we can respond to protect iconic places like this.

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Meet two volunteers who have pledged a gift in their will

David and Christine Griffin have pledged a gift in their will to Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire, so they can continue enjoying this National Trust place with their family, and be assured their grandchildren's grandchildren can too.

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