Snowdrops at Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park near Bristol and Bath welcomes snowdrops in January and February as spring blooms

If you visit Dyrham Park during January and February you should be able to see several snowdrop varieties blooming in the garden.

The white flowers pave the way for the crocuses and daffodils which are a common sight in the UK in springtime.


An early and bountiful bloom

Dyrham’s snowdrops sometimes crop up as early as Christmas and New Year and, by January, can be admired in front of the 17th-century house, in the terraces and in the garden.

Dyrham is home to more than half a dozen types of snowdrop, most of which occur naturally, although they are helped along with annual snowdrop dividing sessions carried out by the garden team to encourage growth the following year.


Highlight of the year

Senior Gardener Deanne Lewis said: 'Seeing the first few snowdrops is always a lovely sign that spring is on its way. We’re lucky enough to have several varieties here at Dyrham Park, including Galanthus 'Atkinsii', which bloom much earlier than other types.

'They look stunning in front of the house in January and in February and there are more in the nut walk in the garden and the terraces. It’s one of the highlights of the year for many visitors. We just ask that people keep off the grass near them so not to impact next year’s bloom.'