By harnessing the power of nature and being careful with the energy we use, the places we find special can be beautiful forever

Nelly's Moss Lake, Cragside in Northumberland

Up on Cragside - turning energy into song 

We found out what inspired the folk-singer, Blair, to write about Cragside and what drives him to care about the environment.

Shelf of Jane Austen classics

A green chapter for Blickling’s literary treasures 

Blickling, home to more than 12,500 precious books including rare first editions of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, will now be heated with entirely clean, green energy, thanks to a heat pump connected to the estate’s picturesque lake.

We use compostable takeaway cups in our cafes

Takeaway cups now compostable 

We are now using completely compostable takeaway cups so that our values are spread across all aspects of our work.

The Salmon leap on Sudbury Common Lands


By harnessing the power of water and also being careful what we use, the places we find special can stay beautiful for longer

Solar panels, used to power lighting, on the roof of Brancaster Millennium Activity Centre, Norfolk

Good Energy 

We're working in partnership with green electricity supplier Good Energy to build an energy future that will help keep the nation’s special places fit for generations to come.