Conspiro clarinet ensemble

Watch as the walled garden comes to life with the sounds of the clarinet here at Berrington.

  • Booking not needed
  • Free event (admission applies)

Join us and listen to the wonderful sounds of the 'Conspiro Clarinet Ensemble' as they give us a performance to make the walled garden come to life.


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Berrington Hall


Whole property
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Adult £11.50 £10.35
Child £5.75 £5.15
Family £28.75 £25.85
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N/A £9.00
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Minimum group size 15
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Please note...

The basics

Unfortunately dogs are not welcome at this event.
This will be taking place inside the walled garden if it's weather permitting. However if the weather is poor then it will take place inside the mansion.


Event opening times and availability
Day Times Availability
1 July 2018 14:00 - 16:00 Available

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