44,000 views on the future of farming

A combine empties its load of spelt at Wimpole Home Farm

We're at the crossroads of a new future for farming and the natural environment, as the Government develops its policy in these areas after we leave the European Union. With 44,000 responses to a public consultation on the future of farming after Brexit, it's clear that this crucial issue matters for many.

We care for over 250,000 hectares of land in partnership with our 1,350 tenant farmers. Our work in this area shows us that healthy nature goes hand in hand with sustainable, profitable farming.

That’s why we’ve welcomed the Government’s proposals to put improving the environment at the heart of a new system for farming in the UK after we leave the European Union. 

In our response to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs consultation on the future of farming we've set out what needs to be part of any new environmental land management system. This includes:

1.    Public money directed towards public benefits. Things like healthy soils to grow our food in, clean water, protection from flooding, bringing more wildlife back to our land. Things like protecting our nation's heritage and improving people's ability to enjoy the countryside.

2.    Strong, effective governance to ensure our environmental standards don't slip.

3.    New innovative funding approaches which work hand-in-hand with a new system for delivering public money. Approaches like farmers being paid by utilities companies and investors to deliver environmental outcomes on their land which benefit a range of people and places.

As Government takes its next steps towards a new system for land management and farming, we believe that a better future for the nation, our farmers, rural communities and a healthy and beautiful natural environment, is within reach.