A 25-year plan for nature

Row of lime trees at The Argory

A Government plan to restore, protect and enhance the natural environment within a generation.

Taking a long-term approach

It’s good to see the Government being genuinely ambitious about this generation being the first to leave the environment in a better state than we found it.  

We welcome many aspects of the 25 year plan, but encourage Government to match their ambition with legally-binding milestones for restoring nature, and the necessary funding and clear monitoring to ensure delivery.  

Our own strategy outlines our ambition to play our part in restoring a healthy, beautiful natural environment by thinking and acting long-term, testing innovative new approaches and working in partnership at landscape scale to develop sustainable solutions to the crisis facing our natural environment.

In March 2017 we committed to creating 25,000 hectares of new habitats on our own land by 2025, so welcome Government's plan for a Nature Recovery Network, which should complement our own work. 

Growing people’s support for nature

The 25 year environment plan highlights the worrying statistic that over the course of a year, 1 in 9 children do not visit a green space. It’s good to see the Government's strong focus on connecting people with the natural environment over the next 25 years through initiatives like the proposed Nature Friendly Schools programme.

We aim to offer extraordinary experiences in the outdoors at our own places so people of all ages can get up close to nature and wildlife and come to value and want to look after it.

" “It’s fantastic to finally have a plan for the environment. The National Trust will do all it can with Defra to deliver this plan and make it a success. The big issue for the plan will be whether it will be backed by the institutions and laws to ensure it really delivers across the country"."
- Patrick Begg, National Trust Outdoors and Natural Resources Director

We look forward to playing our part in ensuring the success of the Government’s plans to help secure the restoration of nature for the next generation.