Annual reports

Member of staff checking the records at the Plant Conservation Centre

Read our 2019/20 Annual Report for an in-depth look at how we work, and our progress over the year.

Every year this report also includes details about the salaries paid to our Director-General and executive team. In the 2019/20 financial year our Director-General, Hilary McGrady, who leads a large and complex national organisation, with an annual income of more than £681 million, and with more than 53,000 volunteers and 14,000 permanent and seasonal staff earned a salary of £195,700. 

Children inspecting a log for bugs, with a ranger

Annual report 2019/20 

Our Annual Report and Accounts looks back on our performance last year and looks forward to our future plans. It also includes salary details for our Director-General and executive team.

Conservators at work in Knole, Kent

Playing our part 

The Trust's 'Playing our part' strategy takes the organisation through to 2025. It outlines our 21st-century ambition to meet the needs of an environment under pressure, and the challenges and expectations of a fast-moving world.