Building and collections appeals

From roofs and ceilings to paintings and irreplaceable collections, some of our most historic and much-loved houses and treasures are in urgent need of repair and restoration. See where your help is needed most.


Support Nostell's treasure house appeal

Support our work to care for the large collection at Nostell and help us to continue to share the stories behind the craftsmanship and skill that are uncovered when you visit.


Saving Saltram's Saloon

Saltram, Devon

One of the finest surviving Robert Adam ceilings and arguably the most important English carpet in the National Trust’s care will be expertly restored to their former glory, and we need your help


Bring Stories to Life appeal

We need your help to bring the stories behind to Seaton Delaval Hall, Stowe Gardens and Sutton Hoo to life, for generations to come


Wilderness by the Witham

Belton House, Lincolnshire

Help us to restore the jetty at Belton and return punting to the river so that the Wilderness can be experienced from the water once more.


Lindisfarne Castle conservation appeal

The exposed location of Lindisfarne Castle means that the fabric of the building is under constant pressure from the elements. The resulting problems reached a point where action had to be taken


The Vyne appeal

Water is running in. Time is running out. Help us repair the roof so future generations can continue to enjoy this special place


Protect Special Places appeal

Historic buildings damaged by damp. Coastlines hit by storms and erosion. Countryside and the nature that calls it home disappearing. The places we all love and the people protecting them need your support like never before


Support Oxburgh's Roof Appeal

Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk

Oxburgh Hall's roof is in need of urgent repair. Our roof tiles, timbers and brickwork are showing signs of aging; we’re not surprised, they’re well over 500 years old. Help us, as we embark on a £6million project to safeguard Oxburgh's future.


Sutton Hoo appeal

Sutton Hoo, Suffolk

Extraordinary treasures were found buried at Sutton Hoo. With your support the full story of their discovery will be revealed, as we begin to transform the site.


Support Nunnington Hall's 'hanging by a thread' appeal

Support our conservation work as we repair the three verdure tapestries from natural damage over the last 350 years, so they can continue to be enjoyed by visitors to Nunnington Hall for many more years.


Save Dyffryn Gardens' fragile paintings

Dyffryn Gardens, Vale of Glamorgan

Help us save three paintings by notable Welsh artist Margaret Lindsay Williams that are in desperate need of repair.


A la Ronde Roof appeal

A la Ronde, Devon

At A la Ronde we've begun the Roof project with a goal to repair the leaky roof. Once we've fixed the roof vital conservation on the 223 year old shell gallery can begin. We aim to complete the roof work over the next 3 months we need your help to do it.


Keep Horsey Windpump’s Sails Turning

Horsey Windpump, Norfolk

For the first time in 75 years, Horsey Windpump is once again standing proud in the Norfolk Broads. With your help we can keep this icon preserved for generations to come and keep her sails turning


Churchill's Chartwell Project

Chartwell, Kent

We need your help with the final stages of the project.


Clandon Park appeal

Following the fire in April 2015, that left our 18th-century Surrey mansion a shell, we have spent the last two years working towards its future


Seaton Delaval Hall appeal

Will you help turn this historic Northumberland home into a place of drama, theatricality and playfulness once again?


Wellington Monument appeal

Wellington Monument, Somerset

We began caring for Wellington Monument in 1934. Since that time it has needed careful renovation every 10 to 15 years. To perform a full repair, we have a lot of work to do. We need your help.


Mussenden Temple floor appeal

Downhill Demesne and Hezlett House, County Londonderry

We need your help to restore the floor of our iconic landmark at Mussenden Temple.