Coast appeals

The coastline we love is under increasing threat. With over 780 miles of it under our care, we need your help to make sure it's well protected

Take a walk on Northumberland Coast

General Fund appeal

Historic buildings damaged by damp. Coastlines hit by storms and erosion. Countryside and the nature that calls it home disappearing. The places we all love and the people protecting them need your support like never before.


Coast appeal

When you think of something as magnificent and elemental as the coast, it’s difficult to imagine that it is under constant threat. Help us keep the coast alive, for everyone.


White Cliffs appeal

Help us look after this special place and restore the clifftop habitat, preserve the existing historical Second World War features, and maintain access routes for visitors


Trevose Head Appeal

Be a part of making Trevose Head a sanctuary for nature and people. A huge amount of work goes into managing Trevose Head for wildlife to thrive and people to enjoy, your donation however large or small makes a big difference.