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A photo of a family playing with autumn leaves

Holding tiny hands on muddy woodland adventures, watching sunset waves from coastal clifftops, or enjoying romantic walks with your loved one. These are the moments that make us; these are the places we want to last forever.

Share your treasured memories of places cared for by the National Trust by dedicating a donation on our interactive map, and help to make sure they can be enjoyed by everyone, for ever.

These are challenging times for us all. Unfortunately, we've experienced a sharp drop in our income, which threatens our essential conservation work at a time when people need access to nature, beauty and outdoor spaces more than ever. By dedicating a donation today, you'll be supporting the work we do to look after the places so many people love - thank you.

Be inspired

How it works

When you support the National Trust using our interactive donation map, you’ll be able to dedicate a donation to someone special and the National Trust place that means the most to both of you.

Just search the map above, select your place, and follow the steps to dedicate a donation. You'll be able to tell us who your dedication is for, choose a photo from our collection and add your own personal message. Once published, your dedication will remain on our interactive map for a year.

Sharing with others

You'll have the option to keep your dedication public so others can be inspired by your gift, or to make it private so it can only be viewed by you and the friends and family you share your personal link with.

Once you've made your donation, our team will review your dedication to check it meets our terms and conditions. It should appear on our map within three working days. You'll then receive an email with your personal link, to share with whoever you want.


Why give a gift

Our conservation work has been strongly impacted by recent events. When you dedicate a donation to a loved one, every penny will help look after the places we care for. With more than 300 historic homes, 200 gardens and parks and 780 miles of coastline in our care, we’re hugely grateful for any donations we receive.

When you donate using our interactive map, your donation will go towards looking after the special place you have chosen, or – in a small number of cases – a portfolio of local properties run by the same conservation team. For more information, please read our FAQs below or email

Other ways of giving

We're a charity and rely on your donations to help our conservation work. Find out more about how you can support special places in our care.