Enjoy a sip of Glastonbury Tor's apple juice or cider

Apple in the orchard

Glastonbury Tor's orchards produce a wide variety of heritage apples. For the first time our ranger team from mid Somerset have harvested the crop to produce tasty juice and cider. Discover our story and find out how you can support our work.

Glastonbury Tor is famous across Britain, a place where legends are born. The Tor is steeped in history and mystery. Today, Glastonbury Tor remains a place of pilgrimage for thousands of visitors, just as people have for hundreds of years.

A lesser known fact about the area is its productive apple orchards hidden at the foot of the Tor. For many years our teams have been harvesting the apples and they have contributed to the production of South Somerset National Trust apple juice and cider. This year our teams have decided to use the crop to create their own distinctive product.

Glastonbury Tor orchards nurture a variety of apples from Newton Wonder, Yarlington Mill and rare Tidnor collections. The orchards are also important for birds, insects and other wildlife.  

Our year so far


With the helping hands of visitors both local and from further away, volunteers and our mid Somerset ranger team we spent two weekends gathering and harvesting the apples. Dodging various weather storms our helpers gathered thousands of apples ready for pressing.


We celebrated the apples and the orchards at our annual wassail. A traditional wassailing event takes place to supposedly warn off 'evil spirits' and toast the 'tree spirits'. The hope is to have a fruitful harvest the following autumn.

This year we celebrated with the community, morris dancers, druids and enjoyed local cider.


Our harvested apples were taken to local producer Hecks of Street, Somerset. After several months of fermenting the apple juice is now ready.


Keep your eyes peeled for our refreshing Glastonbury Tor cider. Also produced by Hecks, this cider is made from 100% Glastonbury Tor apples.

We hope to soon be apple to sell our cider in our local National Trust shops at Brean Down and Cheddar Gorge.

Where can I taste the juice?

Our Glastonbury Tor apple juice is for sale at Brean Down and Fyne Court, by the glass or bottle and Cheddar Gorge information centre by the bottle.

The revenue we make from our juice and cider sales goes directly back into looking after Glastonbury Tor. Every time you take a sip of Glastonbury Tor cider or juice you are helping us look after this special place for ever for everyone.