For everyone, for ever: our strategy to 2025

Lankcombe water, accessible via the Lorna Doone valley & Cloud Farm campsite.

Our 21st-century ambition is to meet the needs of an environment under pressure, and the challenges and expectations of a fast-moving world.

Underpinning this is our renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion and playing our part to create a fair, equal society, free from discrimination.

We want to continue to maintain the highest standards of care for everything you help us look after, while working in a way that feels relevant and necessary to people and their day-to-day lives. Finally, we want to equip everyone in the National Trust with the skills and resources they need to do their jobs with ease and confidence, and to feel proud of our work.

Our strategy For everyone, for ever, which will take the organisation through to 2025, outlines how we will achieve this. We will: 

Look after the places in our care by:

  • reducing our conservation backlog and funding our annual conservation needs 
  • reducing energy use by 15% and sourcing 50% of energy from renewables by 2020/21, against our 2008 usage as a baseline


Play our part in restoring a healthy, beautiful natural environment by:

  • improving our habitats, soils and water to a good condition for nature on our estates
  • working with others to conserve and renew the nation’s most important landscapes
  • developing and sharing new economic models for land use that support nature
  • championing the importance of nature in our lives today


Create experiences of our places that move, teach and inspire by:

  • raising the standard of presentation and interpretation at all the places we look after
  • making our outdoors experience better for all ages and needs
  • revealing and exploring our cultural heritage through events and exhibitions


Help look after the places where people live, by:

  • finding new solutions for managing local green space
  • celebrating local heritage and equipping communities to care for it
  • engaging in shaping good housing and infrastructure development


Welcome everyone, for ever, by:

  • making our places better for people who need support to access them, working through partnerships and testing new approaches
  • working with others to increase access to parks and green spaces in, around and near urban areas
  • playing our part to create a fair and equal society, free from discrimination.


Our staff, volunteers, members, donors and supporters will all help us to achieve this, and over the coming years we will: improve our membership offer; give visitors better experiences; introduce simpler and more efficient processes for our staff; and create more ways to volunteer and for volunteers to feel their skills are recognised.