Get away to a garden this autumn

Friends relaxing in the gardens at Mount Stewart

Gardens come into their own at autumn as they transform into a comforting blanket of rich earthy tones. Relaxing in this warm tapestry, unearth the perfect place to unwind, reconnect and spend quality time with family and friends.

From tropical plants that evoke memories of summer shores to bright pumpkins that speak of culinary creations to come, strolling through these seasonal sanctuaries will be a tonic for the soul.

Gardens at Bishops Gate

Bishop's Gate Gardens

Discover more about the gardens at Bishop's Gate and the work our vounteers do

Rowallane garden at autumn

Autumn fun at Rowallane Garden

As a kaleidoscope of colour fades in Rowallane Garden, it makes way for a burst of autumnal orange. Feel the air getting colder and the wind getting stronger while exploring the garden during its seasonal transformation. We have plenty of things to see and do in the garden this season. From nature walks, to family fun days you will find lots of reasons to get out and enjoy yourself.