Grants and funding

From rooftops and rugs, to meadows and monuments – the funding we receive from grants makes a huge difference to the special places in our care. In 2018-19 we received around £17.5m from a wide range of statutory funders.

Grant income offers a vital support for many conservation projects at the places we look after. It helps us to plant new woodland and countryside cycle trails, create wildlife habitats, manage coastal landscapes and protect more than 300 historic buildings across the UK.

Because of the grants we receive, we’re also able to provide access to these amazing places, through the visits people enjoy and the opportunities available to join in with us and learn more about our conservation work.

Some of our most significant sources of grants are: The National Lottery (funding distributed by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the National Lottery Community Fund, the Arts Councils and Sport England/Wales/Northern Ireland), the Landfill Communities Fund, European grants such as Structural Funds, Interreg and LIFE, and central and local government.

These grants often enable the Trust to work in partnership with other organisations and charities to achieve objectives that go well beyond what we could achieve on our own.

We are always grateful for the support from our grant funders. Without this support, we wouldn’t be able to do some of our most important and innovative work.

Learn about some of our grant funded projects
Repairing the gates at Dyrham

Funding from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport 

Find out how we're using funding from DCMS and our brand partners to conserve, restore and care for Dyrham Park and a number of other places. It's thanks to these donations and gifts from members and supporters that we're able to continue this vital work for nature, beauty and history.

Senior conservator, Heather Porte, working on the iconic Knole Sofa in the Conservation Studio at Knole, Kent

How the National Lottery Heritage Fund is revitalising heritage 

External funding is so important to the National Trust's conservation work. See what amazing things are being achieved for us all to enjoy, with the support of National Lottery players via project grants from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.