Green hills great for hiking

A dramatic cloudy sky above the grassy slopes of Hambledon Hill

The hills, escarpments, ridges, commons, hillforts and downland we look after are all great places to go hill walking. Try a challenging climb with a rewarding view from the top, or a peaceful amble in search of hillside history and wildlife.

We’ve chosen some walks that’ll require a bit of leg work but we also have plenty of easier hill walks you can choose from too – just use our search tool below to find a walk near you.

Group climbing steep hill with dog

Challenging climbs 

Climbing some of our hills can take a bit of effort, but once at the top you’ll be rewarded with far-reaching views over some of the UK’s most beautiful landscapes.

The Cornish granite Tennyson Monument dominates the chalk cliffs on the west of the Isle of Wight

History in the hills 

Each of our special places has a story to tell, including these ancient landscapes. Take a walk to discover the bronze-age White Horse of Uffington, or learn more about Cold War rocket test sites on the Isle of Wight.

Meet some local residents on your walk

Walk amongst wildlife 

Many of the places that we care for make great habitats for all sorts of wildlife. Keep an eye out for butterflies and other fauna such as peregrine falcons, or see if you can spot rare wildflowers.