Learn about our restored cottages, what makes them so special and find the perfect stay for your holiday.

A little bit of history...

We’ve been offering holidays with a conscience since the 1930s. Things may have changed since then, but our vision to provide a stay in carefully preserved houses, on safeguarded land has remained the same.

 It all started when our tenant farmers opened their lands to visitors. Accommodation was kept as simple as possible to minimise the impact on our carefully conserved land.

Gradually, with the help from your funds, we were able to resurrect more and more relic buildings. By 1973 we had 81 cottages in our care. Today we manage over 400 cottages across Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

Rose Castle Cottage lies just above Tarn Hows
Rose Castle Cottage
Rose Castle Cottage lies just above Tarn Hows

What makes them so special?

Our cottages offer the chance to delve into the history of a building from the past. With your continued support, we’re able to restore around 10 properties a year, from cosy chocolate-box cottages to grand 17th-century manors. 

We make sure their stories and original character are kept alive. We partner with local craftspeople to ensure an authentic restoration where traditional building methods are practised. This in turn allows intricate heritage skills to live on. 

A fine example of this is Treleddyd Fawr Cottage (below). The traditional Pembrokeshire vernacular building was nothing but an empty shell, but after a carefully executed restoration, it now lives on as a one-bedroom holiday cottage brimming with original features.

The sitting area at Treleddyd Fawr Cottage
The sitting area at Treleddyd Fawr Cottage, St. Davids, Pembrokeshire
The sitting area at Treleddyd Fawr Cottage

So where could I stay?

You could find yourself far-flung on the cliff-tops of south Cornwall or nestled deep in the Welsh valleys. These cottages allow you to escape to bygone eras and childhood fantasies in Rapunzel-esque towers, cliff-high castles or Victorian lighthouses.

Some even reveal a claim to fame as the former homes of writers, inventors or cultural icons. You could stay in Virginia Woolf’s former garden studio or the cabin where the first ever radio transmission was received in a ground breaking experiment of 1901.


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