How HS2 will affect Dunham Massey

Aerial view of the Dunham Massey estate

We are concerned that the Working Draft Environment Statement has not reflected the full context and significance of the Dunham Massey Estate. Dunham Massey is a large historic estate which includes the mansion, park and gardens, but also 14 working farms, a network of paths the River Bollin and the Bridgewater Canal. Dunham Massey plays a central role as one of Greater Manchester’s principal cultural heritage assets, and provides areas of recreational space and ecological habitat.

We wish to work with HS2 Ltd to explore opportunities to mitigate the landscape and visual impacts of HS2 on Dunham Massey, which we think have worsened due to the significant increase in the proposed height of HS2 in this area.

Our concerns

A farm within the south west of the estate will suffer major significant effects. The farm will be seriously disrupted by the closure and diversion of local roads and the residential properties associated with this farm will be totally exposed to HS2. We do not consider these impacts to be mitigated in the Working Draft Environment Statement. 

Woodland habitat creation is proposed at Dunham Massey between the Bridgewater Canal and A56. We would like to discuss this proposal with HS2 Ltd further, including species type and maintenance arrangements.

There will be notable impact for those accessing the Dunham Massey estate and its surrounding communities due to the severance and/or diversion of local roads including A56 Lymm Road.

Whilst we welcome that some noise mitigation measures have been proposed in the area we believe that further measures are required with particular attention to the areas of Woolstencroft Farm, the Bridgewater Canal / Cheshire Ring Walk and Trans Pennine Trail.

The River Bollin, which is crossed by HS2 just outside the Estate, is part of the National Trust and Environment Agency’s Riverlands Programme. We hope that HS2 could make a positive contribution to this programme and in doing so offset some of the considerable environmental harm of the scheme.