How to get your teenager out for a winter walk

Teen family on a walk by the Thames at Maidenhead and Cookham Commons

There are literally only three little nudges that might prize your teen off the sofa and away from their phones into the fresh air. And then only if the mood is right and you've not accidentally annoyed them by breathing wrongly. If you manage it, you'll be so glad you made the effort as the scowls melt away and you get your child back.

The three quick tips to get your teens out for a winter walk:


1. Phone a friend

Plan a winter walk with friends with similar aged kids, and you might find FOMO kicks in and your teenager is suddenly more interested in coming out with you.

2. Bribery

There needs to be a tea room or pub involved somewhere along the route. The promise of a fizzy drink and a pack of crisps / hot chocolate and sticky cake will often do the trick.

3. Coercion

It's not very National Trust to advocate coercion, but it's all in a good cause. If the alternative to a winter walk is stacking the dishwasher for a week, or turning off the wi-fi whilst you're out, you may just find yourself with a teenage walking partner.

And if you do manage to get them out of the door into the fresh air, surrounded by nurturing trees and far-reaching views, you'll be so glad you did. You might just find that you get your gorgeous, red-cheeked, laughing child returned to you.

Teenager and children taking a selfie
Teenager and children taking a selfie outdoors
Teenager and children taking a selfie