How to leave a gift in your will

A family inside Ham House and Garden, Surrey

By leaving a gift in your will to the National Trust you’re helping to look after irreplaceable landscapes and properties for future generations to enjoy. We understand that writing a Will is something many of us put off for all kinds of reasons. That’s why we offer our supporters a few services to make leaving a gift in your will a little easier.

Of course, family and friends will be your first priority. But you can also leave a gift to the next generation – and many generations to come – when you remember our work.

No gift is too small to make a lasting difference – we are grateful for every act of generosity and every penny we receive.

A small contribution could help fill a glade with spring bulbs to bloom each year, or cover the costs of cleaning a chandelier in your favourite historic house. It could help rebuild a crumbling footpath, ensuring a glorious view is there to enjoy for generations to come. Every gift makes a difference.

First, you'll need to decide what type of gift you'd like to leave and whether you'd like it to be used in any particular way, for example to protect the coast, the countryside, a house or a garden.

Decide which type of gift to leave

  • With a residuary gift, you can leave the remainder of your estate, or a percentage of it, once family and friends have been provided for. This is the type of gift many supporters choose to make, because it has the added benefit of keeping its value over time – it isn’t affected by inflation.
  • With a pecuniary gift, you can specify a particular amount of money or a valuable saleable item, like a piece of jewellery or furniture, that you would like to leave to the National Trust.

It is always helpful to have gifts in wills that can be used wherever they are most urgently needed at the time they come to us. But we also understand your wish for your gift to benefit a specific place that’s important to you. Simply tell us what your wishes are. We will be pleased to honour them.

Leaving a gift in your will

Rennie Fry and her family enjoying a visit to Poleston Lacey, Surrey

Legacy pledger Rennie Fry left a gift in her Will 

Peter and I decided years ago now to give the National Trust priority in our Wills. The Trust gave us a lifetime of delight and a legacy of treasured memories, I hope our contribution and that of others will give many future generations the same enjoyment.