Jump into summer colour

Summer colour is all around us. Yellow buttercups, green leaves, red roses, golden sand and a blue sky are just some of the colourful things we see at this time of year.

Why not collect the colours of summer using our special rainbow colour wheel? You can use the objects you find to create a summer scrapbook or piece of wild art. We've also got lots of other activities inspired by colour that will get you drawing, making, baking and creating.

Did you know that most of the colours we use to dye fabrics today are derived from the natural world? In Tudor times there was a lot of money to be made from dying cloth using plants such as woad, weld and madder. Do you have any clothes that are a similar colour to things you see in nature? Put on your most colourful outfit and get ready to jump into some summer colour. 

Have fun exploring summer colour

Collect the colours of summer 

This summer, why not head out to your garden or local green space and catch some of the colour around you? Can you find objects that match the colours on our colour wheel? From green moss on the bark of a tree to a bright yellow buttercup, there are dazzling colours all around you, if you look for them. If you find something colourful that can't be brought home, then you could take a picture instead.

A wild art rainbow

What can you do with the colours you find?  

There's lots of fun to be had with the colours you find. If you've collected natural materials such as a green leaf, a brown stick, a grey pebble, a red petal, a pine cone or feather you could have a go at creating some wild art. Or you could use your items to create a colour scrapbook or make a rainbow of hope (pictured), as our young supporter Violet has done. Fabric cuttings and fruit can also be used to add extra colour. Why not take a picture of what you make and share it with someone special?

Colourful recipes

Have fun colouring

Get colouring 

See how many different colours you can use to colour in a summer scene. Once you've finished your picture perhaps you can give it to someone special.

Draw a summer flower

Would you like to have a go at drawing a colourful flower? You can use the pictures of some of our favourite flowers below as inspiration. We've even included some drawings by artist Simon Wild that are made using natural dye from the garden at Lavenham Guildhall in Suffolk. When you're drawing pay close attention to the shapes of the petals and have fun mixing colours to get the perfect shade. 

Make a summer paperchain

Cut up strips of paper or card

Step 1

Looking for a summer craft? Brighten up your space with this multicoloured paperchain. First, collect colourful card or paper. This can come from old magazines and newspapers. Cut into strips.

Staple or glue the strips together create the chain

Step 2

Join the ends of the first strip to create a loop. Then feed the second strip through the first. Repeat this process until your chain is long enough.

A summer paperchain

Step 3

Hang up your paperchain somewhere special so you can you enjoy the colour of summer inside your home.

History of colour at places in our care