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A view of Corfe Common

Will you help to support the vital habitats in our care, to ensure wildlife can thrive long into the future?

The natural environment is facing unprecedented challenges and increasing pressure on the land and outdoor spaces. What’s less obvious is the damage this is doing to the natural habitats within it – along with the wild and wonderful creatures that rely on them for food, shelter and survival.

In 2015, when we launched our 10 year Playing our Part strategy, one of the fundamental aims was to create, support and maintain a healthier, more beautiful natural environment. One that could withstand these ever-growing challenges.

This work is crucial to our commitment to the long-term health of the land, outdoors and nature in our care. It’s vital for the hard-working bees who need bountiful flower meadows to harvest pollen. For the ring ouzel birds who need safe nesting grounds. For the endangered bats who rely on woodland corridors for safe refuge. And of course for the millions of people who appreciate the beauty, refreshment and natural wonders of the great outdoors.

Mawddach estuary in South Snowdonia

Our plan to nurse environment back to health 

We’ve launched an ambitious plan to nurse the natural environment back to health and reverse the alarming decline in wildlife. Our strategy for the next decade will also see us invest in looking after the nation’s heritage.


We need help to support the vital habitats in our care and to ensure wildlife can thrive long into the future. Please donate today to protect the irreplaceable

Ranger with a pick-axe working on footpath repairs, South Ridge of Snowdon in the background.

Snowdonia's fragile natural wonders need our support 

Snowdonia's rangers are constantly working to maintain the pathways, now, after completing their most extensive review of the landscape to date, they urgently need your help to get repairs underway on two and a half miles of the path network.

Where we need your help

Bluebells in Langton West Wood, Purbeck

Woodlands of Purbeck

Despite being better known for its heaths and coastline, Purbeck is dotted with ancient woodlands which support some of our rarest wildlife.

How you can help