Leon McCarron

Leon McCarron wearing a cowboy hat in the desert

Award-winning writer, BBC broadcaster, adventurer Leon McCarron's daring escapades have led to him being described as something of a ‘chancer’, but he's survived to tell his tells at this year's SWOF.

Leon has cycled 14,000 miles across three continents. He has trekked 1000 miles of the Empty Quarter desert in Oman and the UAE with Alistair Humphreys, walked the length of China, ridden across Patagonia on horseback, walked a 1000-mile loop of the Holy Land and explored Iraqi Kurdistan, Kosovo, Armenia and the Yemeni island of Socotra. A fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Abraham Path Initiative, Leon was a recipient of the 2017 Neville Shulman Challenge. Leon will be speaking and presenting his film Nowhere is a Place on Saturday evening at SWOF.

Leon has travelled across Patagonia on horseback
Leon McCarron riding a horse in the wilderness
Leon has travelled across Patagonia on horseback

If you are interested in Leon's adventures, you can read more about them on his website or via his social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.