No. 15 go on a wintery adventure

Children playing in the garden in winter at Sudbury Hall and the National Trust Museum of Childhood, Derbyshire

Even when it's cold or snowing, there's plenty to discover outdoors. Lots of outside activities are just as fun in the winter. Make sure you wrap up in your warmest clothes - and maybe take a hot drink with you - before setting off. Enjoying a wintery adventure is no. 15 on our list of '50 things to do before you're 11¾'.

Winter nature

Many of our ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ activities can also be done in winter - and you may find that they’re a very different experience. For example, if you’re looking for wild animal clues, you will notice that a spider’s web is even more beautiful when it’s covered in frost. It can also be easier to see animal tracks when the ground is bare in winter.

Will you make some wild art? Frost-covered leaves and grass have very interesting textures. Consider taking a small bottle of food colouring along and making frozen ice paint to give your art added colour.

Or perhaps you can make a home for a wild animal – they need a safe, cosy and warm spot in winter more than ever. You may also spot different birds in winter, when many species have already migrated south for warmer climes. See if you can spot a robin with its bright red breast. What do you think it's up to? Listen out for its song.

Chances are, the birds will appreciate some food at this time of year. It's an easy thing to take along seeds, mealworms or peanuts for them to eat.

Winter adventures

Frozen breath
Is it cold enough to see your breath? Count how long your icy blasts last when you breathe out. How far can you make them go? Imagine if you could freeze things with your ice breath!

Frosty walks
When its cold and frosty, why not go for a winter walk? Listen for the crunch of your footsteps on frosty ground. Find a frozen puddle and see what's under the ice. Touch it with your bare hands and listen to the cracking sounds as you crunch your way through it in your wellies.

Icicle spotting
Look for places where water might drip and form icicles. Try looking under the eaves of your house, on outside taps, or at the edge of a trickling stream. See who can find the longest icicle.

Snow adventures

Catch a snowflake
Try to catch a falling snowflake. If you do, you'll see how beautiful and intricate they are, like little works of art. 

Make snow angels
Lie down in the snow, then open and close your legs. Spread your arms out either side of you and move them up and down. When you get up, you'll have made the outline of an angel in the snow. 

Snowballs and snowmen
You probably don't need instructions on making snowballs but they're best when the snow is powdery and not too wet.

For your snowman, will you use the traditional carrot for a nose and stones for eyes, and a scarf, or are you going to make a snow dog or snow cat instead? The only limit is your imagination and the amount of snow you have.

Make a snow house
Making an igloo or a snow house out of blocks of snow is a great way to challenge yourself. You don't have to make it big enough for you to get in - you could do it mouse sized, or cat sized. 

Once you've got a sledge, you're pretty much guaranteed hours of snowy fun hurtling down snow-covered hills and screaming, having fun falling off and starting all over again. 

Grub’s up

After all of your adventures, you could well be feeling a bit hungry and perhaps cold. But even in winter, you can enjoy a delicious picnic and cosy up around a campfire to warm your food (and hands) while you reflect on your adventures. And the bonus is that you'll be doing another two of our '50 things'.

Which other ’50 things’ can you enjoy in winter?