No. 16 wear a wild crown

Smiling girl wearing a daisy chain crown

It takes a smidge of imagination and patience to create your very own wild crown but the great news is that it can be as simple or as ambitious as you want. You can find most of the materials you need for no. 16 on our list of '50 things to do before you're 11¾' in your back garden.

Do you have a story for your wild crown?

Whether you've made it out of flowers, leaves and twigs or feathers and grass, you could create a story for your crown. In which case, you’ll need a character. Think about the sort of figures who wear crowns (queens and kings, wizards and witches, gods and goddesses, fairies and elves). A fairy crown could be full of daisies and dandelions, an elf crown might use leaves. Feathers may be ideal material for a witch or wizard’s crown.  

Of course, you don’t need to have a story for your crown, maybe you just want a crown to wear and be proud of (and rightly so).

Make your crown

It might be useful to take a hairband, length of ribbon or string when setting off to create your crown. You never know what you might find and you may need something to attach it to.

You’ll discover that there is endless material in nature with which to make your crown – but be sure to leave flowers growing and leaves on trees to do their thing. Instead, can you find a discarded feather? Are there colourful leaves on the ground that you could add? Lots of bendy sticks will be useful for moulding your creation into a crown that you can wear. You can also weave all sorts of flowers in amongst the twigs – for example, daisy chains work perfectly.

Try to only use flowers that you find plenty of, and try to think carefully about which flowers are OK to use. If in doubt, it's best to use flowers that are usually found in the grass.

You can add to your crown as you explore and discover new materials along the way.

Add a wild necklace or bracelet

Why not make some wild accessories such as a flowery bracelet, a leafy belt, or a daisychain necklace? There's so many different things you could try.

Maybe your crown and accessories will be so wild that you’ll be camouflaged. Think about what creatures like to hide away to be safe and what colours they use.

Be proud of your creation 

You may wish to keep it and take it home. But remember, even if it breaks, you can always make a new, maybe even better, one.