No. 30 go on a scavenger hunt

Perfect for solo adventurers, or groups big and small – a scavenger hunt tests your seeking skills in the wild and is lots of fun too. Work together or make it a competition. Could you be the ultimate nature scavenger among your friends? It's one of our '50 things to do before you're 11¾'.

The hunt is on. But where will it be?

The great thing about a scavenger hunt is that you can do it anywhere. Nature is waiting to be discovered wherever you look outdoors – whether it’s at your local park, beach or forest. If you’re working in groups it might be helpful to spread the game out over a larger area, so that you can’t be spied on by your competition.

Wherever you choose, be sure to check with an adult that it’s a safe space to play before you go.

What wild treasures can you seek?

Think about the place you’ll be going to for your scavenger hunt and what you might find there. Make a note of the different colours you see. 

What about your other senses? Think about the different textures, smells and sounds you could discover. Could you seek out a prickly pine needle, a sweet-smelling honeysuckle or a honking goose? Take a bucket or empty egg box and collect a stash of leaves, shells, fossils, feathers and sticks. Or maybe you could hunt for signs of animals instead (it's no. 34 of our '50 things')? Can you find a slug trail, a deer track, or a bird’s nest?

There’s no limit to your scavenger hunt in the great outdoors. Just make sure you're gentle and leave behind anything that nature might miss.

Discovering starfish at Birling Gap, Sussex
Child looking at starfishat Birling Gap, Sussex
Discovering starfish at Birling Gap, Sussex

What kind of scavenger are you?

Did you know the chattering magpie has a reputation as nature’s pirate? It loves to scavenge for treasures in the wild and take them back to its nest. And beware any blackbird chicks that get in its way. In fact, many animals need scavenger instincts for survival.

What kind of scavenger could you be? A cautious rabbit, a sneaky rat or maybe an aloof owl? Act like different animals to make your game more fun.