No. 47 cook on a campfire

A group of people toast marshmallows on a campfire at Coleton Fishacre, South Devon

'Cooking on a campfire is an essential survival skill everyone should learn and is a cool thing to end a wild adventure in the woods with.' - Matthew, aged 11

We couldn’t agree more. Cooking on a campfire can be great fun and is No. 47 of our '50 things to do before you're 11¾'.

Food cooked over a campfire always seems to taste better than normal. Wrap a jacket potato or other root vegetables in foil and cook up a tasty treat in the embers of the fire. You can also wrap thick slices of meat in cabbage leaves and roast them in the hot embers. Cabbage leaves don’t burn and the meat stays moist.

Once you've got your snack in hand, why not enjoy a campfire sing song? Or just enjoy the smoky smell as you laze in the sunshine or gaze at the stars?

Tasty tip

You can cook anything from toasted marshmallows, to fried bacon and eggs. Try a little sliced apple with cinnamon on a stick - make it extra sweet with a little honey after you take it out the fire. Whatever your treat, please make sure you take care with hot food and there's an adult always there to help you.

Safety first

Campfires are brilliant fun, but need to be handled with care. You should always do this activity with an adult. Once your campfire is lit:

  • Stash some water nearby in case of emergency
  • Keep an eye on the bonfire until it's completely gone out
  • Carefully watch pets and children by campfires
  • Don't throw anything dangerous onto the fire, like fireworks or pressured containers
  • Take care not to touch the area where a campfire has been, even after you're finished - it can stay hot for a very long time

You can find more safety advice for all of our '50 things' below.


A family toasting marshmallows over an open camp fire at Colby Woodland Garden, Pembrokeshire.

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