No. 50 take a friend on a nature adventure

It’s great to investigate nature by yourself. But you can double the fun when you share your wildlife adventures with a friend. And it's no. 50 on our list of '50 things to do before you're 11¾'.

Who can you invite?

Do you know someone who loves to look under logs, climb into caves or peer into ponds? This could be the new after-school friend or well-known classmate you share your next nature adventure with. You could invite your family along too and all have a day out discovering wild places together.

Share your secret nature hideouts

Next, you’ll need to think of a place that you’d like to explore together. Do you have a secret nature hideout that you’d like to share? Maybe it’s a tree in your garden, a pebbled beach or a nearby wood? Let your friend know why you love this place and ask them about a place that’s special to them.

Wherever you choose, make sure you check with an adult that it’s a safe space to explore before you go.

What’s in your backpack?

Nobody enjoys an adventure in soggy socks. So first, it’s a good idea to check the weather and think about what kit you’ll need. Do you plan to be out for a little while? If so, you might want to take something to drink and snack on too.

What else could make your nature adventure more fun? A bucket for collecting shells, a magnifying glass to inspect bugs, or a camera to capture your tree climbing challenge? Think big, but don’t take more than you can comfortably carry.

Which creepy crawlies will you discover in the undergrowth?
Two children look into a magnifying glass to inspect bugs
Which creepy crawlies will you discover in the undergrowth?

Time for a challenge

You’ve found your perfect place – now it’s time for a game. Get creative and work with what you have around you. Why not challenge each other to a rock stacking competition, have a game of shadow tag or race with leaves sticks down a river? You could even have a game of nature spotting bingo using the shapes, colours, sounds and textures of nature.

Have fun and take care not to hurt any wildlife while you play.

What’s that noise?

Sometimes it’s nice to be still in nature. Before you leave, take some time to listen to the sounds around you and think about the different creatures that live there. Which animal could you invite on your next adventure and where would they take you? Perhaps they have a secret nature hideout of their own to share...

It could be the start of your next wild story.