No.15 play in the snow

Children making snow angels

You might need to wait for winter to do this one, but once some snow falls then grab your outdoor things and get out there to play in it. We've got some ideas to keep you busy with the white stuff.

Playing in the snow is one of those things that you remember doing when you get old and there are so many activities you can enjoy when there's white stuff on the ground.

What you need:

  • Yourself
  • Some warm and waterproof clothes, gloves and hat
  • Wellies or boots
  • Friends for some activities

What can you do?

Making snow angels

Simply lie down in the snow, then open and close your legs, and spread your arms out either side of you and move them up and down. When you get up, you'll have made the outline of an angel in the snow.


You probably don't need any instructions on making snowballs - they're best when the snow is powdery and not too wet. And you'll need some friends to play with too, especially if you're going to have a snowball fight.


From rolling the first ball for the body, you can start to feel excited about what your snowman is going to look like. Will you use the traditional carrot for a nose and stones for eyes, and a scarf, or are you going to make a snow dog or snow cat instead? The only limit is your imagination and the amount of snow you have!


Once you've got a sledge, you're pretty much guaranteed hours of snowy fun hurtling down snow-covered hills and screaming. Just make sure you don't fall off!

Make a snow house

Making an igloo or a snow house out of blocks of snow is a great way to challenge yourself. You don't have to make it big enough for you to get in, but you could do it mouse size, or cat size if you fancy?

Catch a snowflake

If you're outside when it's snowing then try and catch a falling snowflake. If you do, you'll see how beautiful and intricate they are, like little works of art. It's hard to believe that something so pretty squishes up to become snowmen, something to sledge on or lie in!