No.16 make a daisy chain

A girl makes a daisy chain in spring

Making a daisy chain is a perfect summer activity when the sun is shining. All you need is a patch of grass with daisies and you're ready to start making chains.

Making a daisy chain is possibly one of the easiest 50 things challenges, once you've got the knack of poking holes into the stems of the daisies!

All you need for this activity is some daisies and yourself, but it's always more fun to make daisy chains with your friends, so you could all get together to make really long chains.

If you've not made a daisy chain before then it's best to look out for daisies with long, thick stems as they are easier to make a hole in, and won't break as easily as daisies with thinner stems.

What to do

  • Choose your daisies!
  • Make a slit with your nail through the stem of the daisy, (but not too near the bottom, in case it splits all the way along and then it won't form a chain). It's a good idea to make a slit that's not big enough for a daisy flower to get through, as you'll see in the next step. 
  • Once you've made the slit, open it up enough to get the stalk of another daisy through the hole, and pull it until it stops at the head.
  • Repeat this process until you've made a chain that's long enough to go round your wrist, neck or head. And if you don't fancy making a daisy chain for yourself, then how about one for the cat, dog or hamster?

It may seem that you've had to pick lots of daisies to make your chain, but being picked makes the plant grow even more flowers, so if you've enjoyed making your chain you'll be able to come back and make an even longer one soon!