No.22 explore inside a tree

Picture of two children looking inside a fallen tree

Some trees have hollows so big that you can climb inside, others have smaller holes that are just as good for exploring. What will you find?

Exploring inside a tree is a job for only the bravest adventurers - who knows what could be living in the hole or hollow?

Hollow trees are usually older trees where some parts of the tree have rotted away and left a space big enough to explore. More commonly, lots of healthy trees have holes which are usually occupied by living things but are still worth taking a look at.

What you might find

Lots of insects live inside hollows in trees, like beetles who eat rotting wood. There could also be ants, spiders, wasps or even bigger creatures like birds or mice in holes in trees.

Keep your eyes peeled and don't poke your finger into a hole unless you're prepared for something to bite it! It's probably worth knowing that wasps and hornets sometimes nest or hibernate in trees, so be as careful as you can when invetsigating the hollow or hole.

Look after the tree

As you've probably found, lots of wildlife lives inside trees so don't disturb the deadwood of the tree.

If you need to climb it to look in hollows and holes then be careful about where you put your feet and make sure that the branch can hold your weight.

Find out more about ancient trees

Lots of the trees that we look after are known as ancient trees and they need a lot of care because they're so old. They're great for exploring hollows and holes though.

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