No.25 make a grass trumpet

Man and two children playing a grass trumpet

Just one blade of grass can create the most amazing sound, when you put it between your thumbs and blow - have you tried it yet?

This is a brilliant activity to tick off if you don't fancy getting loads of equipment ready, because all you need is you, and a blade of grass. Simple! 

Even though it's simple, we've got some tips to help you start your own grass band.

Top tips:

Choose your grass carefully 

Make sure there aren't any insects on it, or you'll both get a surprise when you have to blow through it! It helps if you've found a fairly wide blade of grass, but once you've got the hang of making noise, you can try with lots of different sizes to see if you get a different sound or tone.

Hands out

This definitely requires two hands. Put your thumbs together and where there's a gap, that's where your blade of grass should go. It sometimes helps to hold the grass in place using your thumb knuckles first and then clamp it into position with the bottom of your hand.

Take a deep breath

Press your lips to your thumbs with the grass between them and blow! The grass should make a wailing, screeching sound which will probably frighten anyone standing too close to you.

Make the loudest noise

If the noise you've just managed to make wasn't loud enough for you, you could try making an even louder one. Do this by making a small hole in the blade of grass with your fingernail, then when you come to blow into it, you should hear an even louder noise than before.

Bring out the band

Get some friends together and you can all try this challenge out at the same time and have your own grass band.

That's it, you've made your own grass trumpet and ticked another of the 50 things challenges off your list.


No.25 make a grass trumpet

You can learn more about making a grass trumpet in this short video. You'll be surprised how much noise one single blade of grass can make.