No.33 catch a falling leaf

Children playing in the autumn leaves at Bodnant Garden

That magical moment in autumn where a golden leaf comes away from the tree and floats down to the ground - can you catch it as it falls? That's the aim of challenge No.33, so you might need some of our tips to help you complete this activity.

Catching a falling leaf sounds like an easy activity, but with a gust of wind the leaf that was heading straight for your outstretched palm often ends up in a muddy puddle instead.

To make sure that you tick this one off your list, here are some of our top tips for catching falling leaves.

Top tips:

Go for a tree with lots of leaves still left to fall

If there are lots of leaves then you've got lots of chances to catch a leaf. If you pick a tree with only a few leaves left then you'll have to watch very, very carefully when the leaf starts to fall!

Head somewhere with lots of trees

Just like choosing a tree with lots of leaves, if you choose an area with lots of trees then you're getting an even bigger chance to catch that leaf.

Make sure the tree is one that loses its leaves in autumn

Not all trees lose their leaves in autumn, so make sure you're not standing underneath one that's going to keep all its leaves.

Watch the leaves first

Watch the leaves for a little while before you try to catch one. See how they fall and what happens if they are caught in the wind. That way, when you're trying to catch one, you'll have a better idea where it might go!

Hold your hands out

Put your hands out in front of you when you've seen the leaf you're going to try and catch. Hopefully it should float down into your hands, but you can always try grabbing at it if you think you're going to miss it.

With any luck then our tips should help and you'll soon have ticked off No.33 off the 50 things challenge list.