Seven ways to recharge yourself outdoors as a member

The outdoors is out there waiting for you, full of rugged mountains, quiet lakes, rolling countryside and calming coastline. You will feel more energised, uplifted and refreshed from a healthy dose of outdoor sights, sounds and smells. Here are seven reasons why joining the National Trust and heading outside to stunning new places could refresh your body and mind.

1. Change your horizons 

Open up your horizons by exploring further afield. Big views can give you a new perspective on everyday life. So why not traverse the wild trails of the Chilterns, stare across the panoramas of the Peak District, or stride through the dramatic setting of Cheddar Gorge.

2. Accomplish your fitness goals

How about heading somewhere a little more wild to motivate you? Climbing Kinder Scout or White Horse Hill may require a fair bit of effort, but that’s more than made up for by the feeling of truly getting away from it all when you make it to the top. The exhilarating rush of achieving your goal is hard to beat.

Practising yoga at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire
Yoga at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire
Practising yoga at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

3. Make new wild friends

From seals on the cornish coast and rare butterflies in Somerset, to wild deer in North Yorkshire and red squirrels in the Lake District, a little bit of animal spotting can really get you and your family closer to nature. With a wide range of wildlife to satisfy the keenest nature lover, and free parking for members at lots of places too you can go really wild.

Where will your next adventure take you? Become a member today

4. Start a new cycle

Give your health a boost at National Trust places as you whizz along on two wheels. We look after miles of cycle routes for you to explore, so get off the beaten track and on to one of these instead: try Longshaw in Derbyshire with views across the Hope Valley, or a coastal ride at Mortehoe in Devon. Pedal-powered adventures are great way to explore the outdoors.

Exploring the woodland trail at Kingston Lacy, Dorset
 Cyclists exploring the new woodland trail at Kingston Lacy, Dorset
Exploring the woodland trail at Kingston Lacy, Dorset

5. Stir up your senses

Nature has some incredible ways to make your senses feel alive and refreshed. Lose yourself in the earthy smell of a forest floor like Hatfield, the exhilarating sound of the waves at Blakeney Point or the colours in the Stourhead landscape. As a member, you’d be helping us to safeguard these places for future generations to experience.

6. Feel exhilarated

Running outside allows you to enjoy a constantly changing landscape as the backdrop to your fitness endeavours. Wild running can really shake things up as it's a world away from the treadmill. Running somewhere new and beautiful can really energise you (and your running routine) and can make you feel that little more connected to the nature around you.

Running along the scenic trail run at Penrose, Cornwall
 Scenic trail run during the South West Outdoor Festival at Penrose, Cornwall
Running along the scenic trail run at Penrose, Cornwall

7. Find tranquility in nature

Calm your busy mind with nature’s help. Discover carpets of fallen leaves in quiet, mysterious woods, silent mists settling over fields or fresh snowfall on wide open landscapes. Enjoy the peaceful moments while you take in the brilliance of the season.