Solar power

Solar panels at Lydford Gorge, Devon

We've always harnessed the power of the sun's rays, and solar energy continues to play an important role at the places we care for.

Whether we're using state-of-the-art solar technology to bring an ancient ship burial site out of the Dark Ages or heating an 18th-century castle, the sun is helping us to be more sustainable.

Listen to our podcast about solar power and find out how you can tap into this amazing energy source at home.

We aim to produce 50 per cent of the energy we use from renewable sources by 2021, and solar power is helping us to achieve this. We'll be installing even more solar projects at the places we care for during the next five years, which means we'll be able to put even more money towards vital conservation work to protect the countryside you love. 

  • We care for 58 places that use solar power, and together they generate 356,384 kilowatt hours (kWhs) of energy. 
  • Under our Renewable Energy Investment programme we have more than 100 green energy projects up and running and have an additional 43 projects in the pipeline, which will create an extra 11,500,000 kWhs of energy.
Listen to our podcast on solar power

The podcast was made possible thanks to the support of BMW i, the brand behind the all-electric BMW i3. As our partner, BMW i is not only allowing us to expand our network of electric vehicle charging points it is also helping us achieve our renewable energy ambitions by investing in groundbreaking projects at National Trust places.

A colourful border of late summer flowers in bloom at Bodnant Garden

The electric garden 

Almost all energy production methods can be traced back to the sun's rays. This episode explores how solar panels are helping Bodnant Garden near Colwyn Bay in Wales create a sustainable future. Discover how we'll be using solar energy to power the cafe and visitor centre without impinging on the beauty of the site, which is set against the mountains of Snowdonia.

Episode 2: Electric garden

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Solar power at the places in our care

Doing your bit

Solar power is becoming more accessible, and there are plenty of ways you can harness the power of the sun's rays. From solar panels to solar chargers, we've come up with some suggestions on how you can use solar at home. 

Our work with BMW i

BMW i is committed to creating a more sustainable future and makes use of many of the renewable energy technologies that we do. While solar is used to power many of the historic buildings in our care, it can also play an important role in providing green energy for everyday use.

As more people start to use solar power at home, BMW i continues to develop its smart charging service, which enables the use of home solar installations to charge the i3, optimising charging times to make it as efficient as possible. 

Our partnership with BMW i also means we can invest even more in renewable energy projects, and make travel to the places we care for more sustainable by expanding our network of electric vehicle charging points.