Summer family activities to do at home

If you've recently enjoyed some summer family activities at the places we look after, why not carry on the adventure at home? Or even if you've not had the chance to visit yet, get involved with the summer fun at home with lots of ideas for things to do wherever you may be.

Play is important for the well-being of children and adults alike, and it can take many different forms. Using your imagination, getting creative with crafts, tuning into your senses, taking part in traditional games and noticing wildlife are just a few ways to be playful and learn about the world around you.

How do you like to spend your time? Do you like arts and crafts? Do you enjoy sports? Or do you prefer dipping your fingers and toes into a pond to make friends with a watery creature? Whatever grabs your interest this summer, find something to do at home, in the garden or your local area with our summer family activities to do wherever you are.


Bake with Becky

Bake some tasty cheddar and ham baked eggs with Development Chef Becky Janaway. You'll keep little hands busy in the kitchen and the whole family will love this simple recipe.

Go barefoot with '50 things'

More ideas for adventurers Top '50 things' to do in summer

Use your senses

Make a summer paperchain

Cut up strips of paper or card

Step 1

Looking for a summer craft? Brighten up your space with this multicoloured paperchain. First, collect colourful card or paper. This can come from old magazines and newspapers. Cut into strips.

Staple or glue the strips together create the chain

Step 2

Join the ends of the first strip to create a loop. Then feed the second strip through the first. Repeat this process until your chain is long enough.

A summer paperchain

Step 3

Hang up your paperchain somewhere special so you can you enjoy the colour of summer inside your home.

Discover the history behind popular games

Ideas to play wherever you are

If you don’t have a garden or nearby park, you can still use your five senses to tune in to nature and the world around you.

Next time you're walking down your street, take your time to absorb your surroundings. What can you hear? Is there a bird or two twittering away on a branch? Perhaps you can hear a bee happily buzzing among the flowers in someone’s front garden.

Flowers can grow in the most interesting of places – a crack in the pavement, for example, can be a hotspot for dandelions. If you spot one, you could feel the fluffy top with your fingertips. If you blow the seeds away, see how far you can watch them float in the air before they disappear from view.

Can you smell flowers in the summer air? If someone's cutting the grass, what does that smell like? Be careful not to sneeze too much. If you've put suncream on, the scent can stay with you all day. When you get home, if it's raining, open the window to let in the fresh smell of rain on the pavement.

If you like art, take some paper and chalk, pencils or crayons next time you go out for a walk. You could do some rubbings of different objects you find, from interesting cobblestones to leaves that have dropped on the ground.

If you have a garden with a patio, create some art with chalk to add some colour to the concrete, or make your own game. Hopscotch, noughts and crosses and drawing maps from your imagination are just a few games you can play with a simple, yet mighty, piece of chalk.

Wherever you may be, you can find a reason to play and have fun. You might even discover a new hobby when you try out these simple pleasures.

Download the 'Get set, go' cards

At many of the places we look after, you'll be able to pick up a 'Get set, go' activity card — or, if you prefer, download them below to take with you — to inspire your summer adventure. These activity cards have lots of ways to enjoy summer activities wherever you are.

Want the activity cards in Welsh? Download the Welsh version (PDF)
 Visitors playing table tennis at Osterley Park and House, London

Summer family activities for every adventurer 

Get set, go – have a summer of play for the whole family at the places we care for. Explore on wheels, feel the beat, go barefoot and beat your best with lots of family activities to try over the summer. You could play classic sports games, explore natural play trails and get arty with a craft or two.