Workshops and entertainment at the South West Outdoor Festival

Image of outdoor talk with SWOF branding

Talks, films, music, selected workshops and adventure activities are free as part of the festival.

The festival is not all about physical challenges and high-adrenaline pursuits, there will be plenty of opportunity to pause, absorb the sensational surroundings, and smell (and, under the instruction of our foraging experts, even taste) the local flora.

Thanks to the expertise of SWOF partners - the National Trust and Cotswold Outdoor, and the know-how of the veritable army of local outdoor experts and enthusiasts who are working on the festival with us, we're able to offer a multitude of free activities.

Seize this great opportunity to learn fresh skills and try new experiences, including:

Star gazing

Join a ranger and let them take you on a journey through space and time in the great outdoor kaleidoscope above.

Slow Adventures

Not everyone wants to experience the outdoors at running pace, sometimes the best adventures are enjoyed in a low gear, where you have the time to fully take in your surrounds and share your thoughts with a friend as you trek or trundle along the trail. 

Bushcraft sessions 

Come and discover some amazing skills and knowledge in bushcraft sessions.

Al Fresco Reading Space

Chill out in the reading zone, where you can browse books about the outdoors and generally take a breather from all the activity taking place around the festival site.  

Drystone wall workshops

Discover ancient skills used for centuries to construct walls without cement, which can handle the wild windy conditions of the moors.  

Guided walks

Highly knowledgeable rangers will be leading small groups on short but fascinating guided walks, talking about the local wildlife (including otters, deer, birds of prey and marine life) and explaining the geological and human history of the area.


Imagine a tightrope – then relax the tension, lower the elevation, widen the wire and put it in an outdoor setting – now you have a slackline.

Learning how to walk along one of these is ace for improving balance, posture, concentration and social standing. We will have several lines up for you to practise on. Be warned, though – it's addictive.

Camp cooking

Learn how to build a blaze, bake bread and rustle up an incredible range of tasty recipes on an open fire, with our very own naked-flame chefs.

Wild food foraging

Learn how to live off the land, safely sampling everything from berries and wild mushrooms to roasted stinging nettles.

Story telling

Grab a hot chocolate, gather around the fire and lend us your ears as our raconteur regales old and young with a series of yarns.

50 Things

There are plenty of opportunities for children to tick off experiences from their 50 things list – why not have a look and see what you can get up to?