Art and exhibitions in East Anglia

Self-portrait Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Bru

We invite you to experience our special places from a different perspective. Discover new art installations, as part of an exciting programme of contemporary arts that have been inspired by our places and supported by Arts Council England; as well as fascinating exhibitions that reveal more about our people, places and special collections.

The exhibitions you visit might take you to unexplored areas, reveal hidden stories or help you see our special places in different ways - all inspired by the spirit of our special places.

Current exhibitions
Lady looking at Jacobite glass

Oxburgh's story of endurance 

We're unveiled a new experience at Oxburgh Hall, whilst our major £6million roof project is underway. Step inside to follow the highs and lows of the Bedingfeld family and their story of endurance, with items from the family's private collection, not previously seen on public display.

Previous art installations
The Fury of Athamas sculpture by John Flaxman on display at Ickworth's new exhibition

Ickworth uncovered 

See the works of art on show in the new, dramatically lit exhibition of light and dark at the grand 18th-century Palladian building of Ickworth, Suffolk. Until May 2020.

Books in a bath tub

The Word Defiant, Blickling  

If you visited Blickling Estate in 2018 you would have seen something very different. Blickling houses one of the greatest country house libraries in the care of the National Trust. In response to the threats this collection faces, award-winning Les Enfants Terribles created an immersive art installation that questioned the very importance of books.

Artists Neville and Joan Gabie looking at a film of the moon

The Edge of Things, Blickling  

Following the success of The Word Defiant, in 2019, lost language, fantastic beasts and celestial bodies all made up 'The Edge of Things' where artists Neville Gabie and Joan Gabie drew their inspiration from some of the most intriguing titles within the National Trust’s oldest and largest book collection.


Curious Cabinets, Felbrigg Hall 

Four striking pieces of furniture were created by set designer, Gary McCann to go on display at Felbrigg Hall in 2018 and 2019. These curious cabinets showcased previously unseen objects collected by the colourful characters, whose exotic travels and wild interests have shaped this family home.

Artists Aid & Abet in the doorway leading to their new art installation

Transitions in Time, Peckover 

To mark the 70th anniversary of Peckover House coming into the care of the National Trust in 2018, artists Aid & Abet, sought to re-imagine the extensive collection that once filled this house. The artists took their inspiration from the family's love of art, which continued to evolve throughout the year.