Walking or layering trees

An example of a layering tree, which has formed a new tree from branches that have touched the ground and rooted

Did you know that trees can walk across the countryside? They can, but in tree time, which is very slow.

Many species of trees are able to do this but lime trees are particularly good at it. Limes have very weak wood which is very susceptible to decay, but if one of its lower limbs gets big and heavy enough it will be slowly pulled down by gravity until it rests on the ground.
Once the branch has made contact it will begin to grow roots where it touches the ground and will eventually form a new tree.
Over time the young tree’s roots will be able to supply all the water and nutrients necessary for it to survive, the umbilical cord connecting it to the mother tree is no longer necessary and may die and decay, removing all signs that they were once connected.
This is how a tree slowly walks across a parkland.