What we're doing to restore wildlife

Sherborne Brook at Sherborne Park Estate Gloucestershire

From Snowdonia mountain tops to rare woodland on Bristol’s doorstep, we look after some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes.

Our rangers and conservation experts spend a lifetime looking after rare wildlife and working to restore delicate nature habitats.

We now plan to create 25,000 hectares of new ‘priority’ wildlife habitats by 2025, an area equivalent to the size of Birmingham.

We'll build on decades of experience - knowledge like that gained by Countryside Manager Ted Talbot’s rangers at the Kinder Scout, where we've spent the last seven years returning 80 hectares of bare Peak District peat to healthy blanket bog. Rarer than the rainforest, blanket bog is an important habitat for sphagnum mosses and mountain hare. 

Barn Owls at Charlecote

Ten endangered species that need our help 

Once common wildlife like water voles and cuckoos are now rare and under threat. Our rangers are working with farmers to create nature habitats and help struggling birds, butterflies and wildflowers.

The hills above Heddon's Mouth near Lynton, North Devon in summer

Helping wildlife in the South West 

We're working with our partners to join up nature habitats along the South West coast - helping struggling wildlife like cirl buntings.