Why membership matters

Membership can offer much more than just days out. From giving you a sense of adventure to a cause you're proud to support, read the stories of seven members to see why membership matters to them.

1.    It makes beautiful places accessible to everyone

A visitor exploring Attingham Park.
Visitor exploring the walled garden at Attingham Park on mobility scooter
" I'm finding it extremely therapeutic and inspiring after so many years being unable to perform the most basic day to day tasks, to finally take advantage of the beautiful spring weather, enjoying the fresh air and exercise… Thank you for this wonderful gift and thank you for all your dedication and hard work, preserving and maintaining these beautiful places, making them accessible to people from all backgrounds and abilities. "
- Jemma Brown

2.    It helps you get closer to nature

Visitors at Lydford Gorge
Visitors at Lydford Gorge
" Lydford Gorge was the first place my partner and I went after we got our joint membership and loved the walk around the waterfalls and river. Again, it's another stunning spot and the waterfalls are truly magical. We had fun spotting fish in the river, and picked some leaves of wild garlic to help with our dinner later. We're now expecting our first baby, and can't wait to take him to our favourite places together!"
- Izy Jude

3.    It gives you places to share special moments  

Children playing at Polesden Lacey
Three children running up a hill
" Our family membership is priceless to us – on sunny days or stormy days, you can't beat being out in the fresh air. Our favourite moment was last month at Polesden Lacey, taking a stroll through the bluebell woods. My son has special needs and that day was the first time he had ever walked outdoors! He's very cautious and wobbly on uneven ground, but I think the bright colours kept him focused! "
- Hannah Leber

4.    It’s a cause worth supporting 

Family exploring Basildon Park
Grandparents and children walking in autumn clothing
" I'm currently planning trips this summer with grandchildren... to introduce them to something we love to do. Last year I broke my ankle and couldn't visit as much but still felt that the membership had a value in supporting the National Trust’s work."
- Diane Le Farge

5.    It’s a source of inspiration

Family looking at the view at Aira Green in Ullswater
A family on the beach at Aira Green in Ullswater
" Our family and both our parents have been National Trust members for several years (ourselves over 10 years) we never even have to think about renewing as we would be lost without our membership, we plan our days out and holidays around National Trust places we can visit."
- Victoria Pollitt

6.    It’s a never-ending adventure 

Visitor walking along Hadrian's Wall
Visitor walking beside Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland
" Unlimited access to some of the most beautiful places in the UK has been a joy throughout my nearly four decades of National Trust membership. Historic houses, beautiful buildings, gorgeous gardens, coasts and countryside, walks and woodland, valleys and vistas are a never-ending attraction."
- Ann Bridgland

7.    It’s something you are proud to be a part of

Visitor and her dog, enjoying Greenway
A visitor with a dog in her lap in a deckchair outside of Greenway house
" It’s an important part of our life and one we shall never give up. Over the years the National Trust has done so much conservation work and I am proud to think that our contribution has helped in a small way. We already have plans for this summer, celebrating my 50th birthday with a trip to Greenway – as I'm a big Agatha Christie fan."
- Michelle Mayes