Working with Sky to look after nature

Yellow and golden sunset views over the Seven Sisters cliffs

We’re excited to be partnering with Sky to celebrate the magic of the natural world. Together we’re working hard to look after nature, beauty and history for future generations to enjoy.

Like us, Sky is aiming to achieve net zero carbon by 2030. To get there they have launched Sky Zero, a promise to cut carbon emissions created by their business, suppliers and use of technology products by at least 50 per cent.

Sky will also continue inspiring people to protect the natural world through its channels and shows. During the last decade, the broadcaster has been campaigning to protect rainforests and oceans – the world's most powerful carbon sinks. As a result more than £9 million has been raised to protect trees in the Amazon. Sky Ocean Rescue, a campaign to raise awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans, has also encouraged millions of people to take action to improve the health of coastal places.

Our partnership with Sky will help us look after nature we all depend on. This means we'll have more support to restore precious woodland, create more places for wildlife to thrive and keep coastal places alive.  

We'll also be giving Sky VIP members the chance to win one of 35,500 National Trust single-use family day passes, so you and your loved ones can spend a day exploring one of the places you’re helping to look after.