Finch Foundry

Finch Foundry, Devon

The Finch Foundry experience 

To have all your questions answered about the history of Finch Foundry a visit is a must, but this will give you an idea

Two children looking at bugs in a jar in the grass

50 things to do at the Foundry 

The cottage garden is a great place to sit and spot woodland birds, look for bugs and bees and make a daisy chain.

Looking at the back of the foundry from the garden, Finch Foundry, Devon

The peace and quiet of the cottage garden 

A perfect spot to relax and unwind 

Upcoming events

Sorry, there are no upcoming events at this place.

Finch Foundry


Cream tea at Trerice

The best service station off the A30 

The tea-room's a good place to have a break from your journey, or meet up with family and friends.

Finch Foundry


Gifts for all

Finch Foundry

Our work

Ben Shapcott, Foundry Manager, Finch Foundry, Devon

A typical day, or not so typical day 

A Foundry Manager needs a myriad of skills and great flexibility to face the challenges of an average day

Finch Foundry


The Finch family, Finch Foundry, Devon

Meet the family 

The family behind the foundry

Tools on display at Finch Foundry, Devon

The missing 34 years 

What happened to Finch Foundry when the Finch family business closed down?

Shearing hook on display at Finch Foundry, Devon

Tools for the job 

A tool for every job