News from the forge this winter

Talk and demonstration at Finch Foundry, Devon

A winter round-up of recent events

St Clements day

We had our busiest ever St Clement’s Day celebration with over 200 visitors, a sing-song with Mariners Away and quite a few blacksmiths too. The fastest snail came in at under two minutes which was impressive and a perfectly formed mini-axe made by Tony Hollis from Somerset took the main prize.

New discovery

Our regional archaeologist had a look at our floor and during the digging of a test pit he uncovered a wall almost a metre down, with signs of burning. This could mean a fireplace or even a furnace, either of which were built much earlier than the current building which has set our imaginations racing. We hope to perhaps map the area one day using geophysics as sadly digging any further would potentially be costly and damaging.