The Finch Foundry experience

Finch Foundry, Devon

Have you wondered why this business was established at Sticklepath? Where the water comes from? Why the Finch family were so successful?

There are several talks throughout the day - on arrival you will be advised when the next one is due to start.

We'll talk about the family and the people who worked here, their good and bad times and the final demise of the business.

You'll learn about the power of water and how it was and is used. You'll find out the origin of some common sayings.

You'll see - and hear - the hammers, shears and waterwheels working and get a first-hand insight into what it must have been like to work in the foundry at its peak, producing a phenomenal 400 edge tools a day. The noise, heat, smoke and dust must have been indescribable, but we'll try our best to stoke your imagination.

When you've had enough of the hardships of Victorian industry, you could take a stroll through our cottage garden. You'll see a wide range of plants and flowers and if you're lucky, some local wildlife. A perfect spot to relax and unwind.