Things to see and do at Finch Foundry

Finch Foundry, Devon

On your visit, you can learn about the story behind this Victorian innovation and look around the grounds behind the foundry

Victorian industry

The story of the last working water-powered forge in England will be revealed during your visit. You'll learn about the important part the Finch family and their foundry played in Dartmoor's industrial history and why Sticklepath was the ideal location to start a business.

The Gallery

Meet the family
The Finch family, Finch Foundry, Devon
Meet the family
Venture up to the gallery to learn about the history of water wheels, Dartmoor industry and the Finch family whose tools became famous in Victorian England. Once outside, spend a while on our viewing platform. From here, you can see the launder, which supplies the water needed to drive the massive machinery.

The garden

Take a stroll through our cottage garden and see a wide range of plants and flowers and if you're lucky, some local wildlife. A perfect spot to relax and unwind.

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Get outside into the fresh air, have fun and have a go at our challenge. Pick up a scrap book and make a start while you're here.
The Finch Foundry snail, Devon
The Finch Foundry snail, Devon
The Finch Foundry snail, Devon